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Shear Luck: Salon Employees Win $1 Million

Nine women to share Illinois Lottery prize



    Fellow employees snag $1 million jackpot. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012)

    Nine employees at a Hanover Park beauty salon won't be obsessing over their tips for awhile.

    The women won $1 million in the Illinois Lottery's Halloween Millionaire Raffle.

    The group works at A Shear Delight and have been religiously pooling their money and playing the lottery for the past four years.

    "Weekly we'd play $2 a week per person," Lorraine Smith said. "We had $200 in the pot, so I took $20 and said let's go get a raffle ticket, and one raffle ticket is what did the job."

    Smith learned the ticket was a winner while she was visiting her husband in the hospital.

    "I couldn't scream, I was in the hospital," Smith said. "What a wonderful Halloween, my husband came through surgery well, and we won a million dollars."

    All nine members of the lottery pool will split the prize, which works out to around $79,000 per person after taxes.

    How many people get to say I won the lotto? I love saying that, that's the best part," salon owner Donna Carman said.

    The winning ticket was sold at the 4T Liquor Corral in Streamwood, the first million-dollar ticket the store has sold in 29 years. The store also receives a $10,000 bonus from the Illinois Lottery.

    As for what the winners plan to with their money? It varies.

    "I have 14 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and they're all going to get a little extra this year," Sharon Melvourn said.

    "I have two small kids and a husband back in school, and there's college in the future so we can always use the extra money," Nicole Murray said.

    Not to mention they'll probably find a little something extra under the tree this year.