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Car-Crashing the Car Impound

Couple uses a car to spearhead impound fence



    Car-Crashing the Car Impound
    The car has a huge dent in the front and a busted windshield.

    All the party-crashing talk lately must have convinced a couple from Chicago's northwest suburbs it was a good idea to crash a car-impound to regain possession of a towed vehicle.

    It wasn’t.

    Jonathan R. Langer, 20, from Inverness, and Shannon M. Fitzpatrick, 19, from Palatine, broke down a security fence at a Rolling Meadows impound to get back Langer’s towed Nissan Centra, which was towed because Langer parked in the someone elses spot at Fitzpatrick's apartment complex, said Rolling Meadows Police Sgt. Tony Gaspari.

    To break the fence Fitzpatrick drove her car, a Pontiac Vibe, into the fence. The car received substantial damage that might end up costing more to repair than the actual tow bill, which was $170.

    Now the couple will have to pay the tow bill, repair costs for the broken fence and repair costs on Fitzpatrick’s car.

    The couple will also be charged with theft of services and criminal trespass.

    Rolling Meadows police told the Daily Heraldthey found Langer at his Inverness home and the car parked in the garage.