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The Burris Circus rolls on



    Roland's Road Show
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    Now rejected in two jurisdictions.

    Well, it’s a good thing Roland Burris didn’t cause a scene!   

    Notes from the circus:

    * Burris has said that his opponents "can't deny what the Lord has ordained," but apparently the Lord never reached the Secretary of the Senate and informed her of His plans, because she just rejected Burris's credentials.

    * Now Burris has been rejected in two jurisdictions.

    * "He's coming in the door, walking toward the appointment desk," Dana Bash reported on CNN. "He's looking, frankly, a litlte confused about where he should go right now." Perhaps he was looking for the gift shop.

    * "Hi, I'm Roland Burris. Which elevator should tainted senators use?"

    * Bill Sammon on Fox News says the Dems should seat Burris to make this PR problem go away. That's easy for him to say, he wouldn't be one of Burris's constituents.

    * CNN reports that the sergeant-at-arms is Terrence Gainer, who was the director of the lllinois State Police when Burris was state attorney general. "So there's a familiar face here." Big deal! For a familiar face he can go to the White House and see half of Chicago.

    * National correspondents speculate on what sort of deal can Burris make with Senate leaders whom he will meet with tomorrow. So do we:

    A) Bears seasons tickets
    B) Run for mayor again
    C) A bigger crypt

    * Is Burris going to bill taxpayers for his flight?

    * The funny thing is that Roland Burris couldn’t get elected to the state senate right now.

    * If we let party leaders decide who could get elected we wouldn’t have a President Obama but we would have a Rep. Duckworth.  So, you know . . .

    * Rod Blagojevich is watching TV in his den in Ravenswood and laughing his head off right about now.

    * Bobby Rush didn't make the flight to Washington, possibly because the airlines didn't want two black people on one of their airplanes at the same time.

    * "Members of the media, my name is Roland Burris, and I'm the junior senator from Illinois." I think that's been established. But for a second there, I thought he was going to say, "Live, from New York . . . "

    * A lawyer for Burris just confirmed that Burris is the junior senator from Illinois.

    * Burris has now returned to his hotel, perhaps to write his memoirs.