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Rogue Wisconsin Dems Now Face Daily Fine

14 Dems on the lam in Illinois face a $100 a day fine until they return to the state Senate



    Rogue Wisconsin Dems Now Face Daily Fine
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    Wisconsin state senators are using just about every trick in the book to bring back runaway lawmakers in Illinois.
    The rogue Democrats now face a $100 fine for every day they stay away.

    Senate Republicans approved a measure Wednesday that would fine any senator who is absent without leave for two or more session days, according to The Street.   

    The resolution also requires the absent senators to pay for any costs incurred while trying to force them to return.
    The New York Post reports Republican lawmakers already stopped direct deposits on the Dems' paychecks and denied their staffs access to copy machines.

    The fines are the latest in a series of attempts to reach 14 Democrats who fled Wisconsin for Illinois nearly two weeks ago to block a budget vote that would drastically reduce union bargaining rights.

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