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Robert Maday Manhunt Disrupts Suburbs



    Robert Maday Manhunt Disrupts Suburbs
    Police on the hunt for Robert Maday

    Fugitive Robert Maday's daring flight through Chicago's suburbs has Chicagoans peering out office windows and tweeting updates of helicopters patrolling overhead.

    "Darn helicopter above my house ... apparently there is a manhunt," tweeted foxyroxy23.

    "U-46 Schools just went on lockdown due to the manhunt. Be careful in the NW burbs!!" read a warning from kristn.

    "OK, seriously, WTF, someone taze this guy already," said trejo35.

    Maday's escape began Thursday when Maday, bound at the hands and feet inside a sedan, somehow overpowered two armed Cook County State's Attorney investigators.

    Maday forced one of the investigators to remove his pants, took both their weapons, and fled in their vehicle. He ditched that vehicle, allegedly carjacked another car, and then eluded cops throughout the night.

    Friday morning, Maday allegedly carjacked a female citizen in her office parking lot and headed south in her silver/grey Jetta license #A392846. Maday's also suspected in a robbery at the First American Bank at Schick and Gary.

    The Cook County Sheriff's Department is involved in the manhunt, along with the FBI, US Marshals, Illinois State Police and numerous suburban agencies. Cook County hostage teams, K9 units, and fugitive units are assisting in the search.

    Follow the latest breaking tweets and on-the-scene updates from citizens as news comes in.