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Robbers Order Victims to Disrobe in Waukegan

Two robberies were reported in July in which victims were ordered to take off some clothes



    Robbers Order Victims to Disrobe in Waukegan

    It's scary enough being the victim of a hold-up, especially if there's a weapon involved. But robbers in Waukegan are giving their victims a dose of humiliation by ordering them to take off some of their clothes.

    Police say there were two such robberies in the far northern suburb on July 24, according to the Sun-Times.

    In one robbery, two men reported that they were mugged by three men who then ordered them to take off their shirts, pants, shoes and socks, police said. 

    On the same day, another man reported he was robbed by four men, who told him to take his pants off. In both instances, the thieves had a gun, police said.

    Police think robbers use the tactic to distract their victims and give the thieves more time to make a clean getaway. But police say they don't believe it's part of a growing trend.