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Robber Leaves Debit Card and Prescription Behind

Police found her locked outside her home



    Robber Leaves Debit Card and Prescription Behind

    Some criminals leave behind a signature or "calling card." One bungling robber in Waukegan left behind something much more telling: her debit card.

    At about 1 p.m. Monday, 42-year-old Kimberly Ramirez walked into the Consumer Credit Union at 2750 Washington Street, said police. She was reportedly wearing a black hat and sunglasses and carrying a black purse.

    Ramirez walked up to a teller and handed over a note that read, "Give me what you got," police said.

    But Ramirez must have been a very nervous robber. She repeatedly asked the teller if any panic buttons had been pressed, said officials, and then she dropped her debit card on the counter.

    If that wasn't enough of a blunder, she forgot one other thing in her plan: a getaway car!

    When Ramirez fled the credit union with $11,362, she approached a man in the parking lot with a red car. She offered him $1,235 to drive her home, said officials (who confiscated the driver's payoff).

    When police arrived at the credit union, they used Ramirez's debit card and the note—which had her prescription written on the back—to find her home address.

    Ramirez was standing outside her apartment building as police approached. She explained that she had locked herself out of the apartment.

    Does that mean she left her house keys at another bank?

    Police searched her apartment and found the rest of the money, the black purse, sunglasses, and hat.

    Seriously, we've come across Sudoku puzzles more difficult than this case.

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