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Bikers in Trouble for Chasing Down Teen Driver

Motorcycle drivers followed victim home



    Bikers in Trouble for Chasing Down Teen Driver
    Four BMW police motorcycles are up for auction this weekend in East County, along with other surplus vehicles and equipment from local cities and the county.

    Anyone who's spent any time on the roads can tell you there are some annoying drivers out there. We understand if you want to cuss and scream at them, but anything beyond that is unwarranted.

    Two motorcyclists allegedly followed and attacked a teenage driver for "cutting them off" Sunday in Homer Glen, reports The Herald-News.

    Just before noon, the 17-year-old driver took a right from Parker Road onto 151st Street, "assuming the approaching motorcycle would stop" at the stop sign, said police.

    But the motorcycle driver didn't stop, says the teen, so the bike had to swerve to avoid the victim's car.

    As you can imagine, the two guys on the bike pulled alongside the car and yelled at the driver.

    But this all-too-common road rage tale took a violent turn, according to The Herald-News.

    The men on the motorcycle chased the driver as he sped home.

    "He parked and ran through the garage and into the kitchen, yelling for help," police said. "The two offenders followed him and began punching him."

    They followed him into his house. What the heck?!

    Fortunately, the teen's parents chased the offenders out, but not before Dad got a good punch to one of their faces, reports The Herald-News.

    Later that night, police were able to track down one of the men, 24-year-old Konrad Zielinski, "who appeared intoxicated and had a bruised face," police said.

    Zielinksi reportedly admitted to the crime but did not identify the second man, who remains at large.

    Be on the lookout for a motorcycle driver who doesn't follow the rules of the road. That should narrow it down...

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