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Rescued Dogs Up for Adoption Soon

More than 40 dogs rescued from puppy mills will be up for adoption soon



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    Dozens of mistreated dogs will be up for adoption soon, after they were rescued from puppy mills throughout the Midwest.

    The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago took in some of the 43 dogs on Sunday, while other animal shelters in the Chicago area took some of the dogs as well.

    The dogs rescued include puppies, adolescents and adults used for breeding.

    Instead of being killed or sold at auction when they are no longer wanted, these dogs will get a new chance at life with a new family.

    "It's overwhelming and wonderful that they can get a new home," said Kathleen Budrean of Friends of Animal Care and Control.

    The dogs are being examined and going through behavior screenings to test their health and personality before they can be adopted.

    This is all thanks to a program called "Pup My Ride," which is coordinated by the Anti-Cruelty Society and Best Friends Animal Society.

    “The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring about a time when there are no more homeless pets," said Arianna Pittman, coordinator for BFAS.

    The program has transported more than 1,500 Midwest puppy mill dogs to shelters and rescue groups in the New York area since 2009, according to the BAFS.

    Twice a month, the program also arranges for dogs to be transported from the Midwest to shelters and rescue groups in other cities.