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Illinois Roads Among Worst: Report

IDOT begs to differ



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    Should we change our name to the Potholed Prairie State?

    Driving through Illinois can be rough.

    The Prairie State has the nation's 10th roughest roads, with 57 percent in less-than-good condition, according to a new report by the Public Interest Research Group.

    All those bumps and jolts could cost Illinois drivers an extra $297 per year on car repairs.

    Should we change our name to the Potholed Prairie State?

    Not just yet, says the Illinois Department of Transportation.

    IDOT claims the study is based on data from 2008, and Illinois' road conditions have improved since then.

    PIRG "is highlighting old information. The state DOT has already made significant progress on repairs and maintenance needs," a spokesperson told the Daily Herald.

    And let's not forget the harsh weather that roads of northern states have to face. Is it really fair to compare Illinois roads to roads that never see snow?

    Still, if Illinois wanted to take a few road-care tips, we wouldn't have to look far. Neighboring states Kentucky and Missouri are both among the top ten best roads in the country.

    The report indicates that Georgia roads are a real peach, declaring them to be the nation's best.

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