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Reddit User Offers $330 'Bounty' on Discontinued Portillo's Dessert



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    One man’s quest for a bygone Portillo’s dessert item became a success after posting his plea Thursday for some seemingly long gone lemon cake.

    Reddit user BigBen2010 details the phasing out of the Portillo’s desert option in a post on the social media site titled “I’m putting a $300 bounty on Portillo’s lemon cake.”

    “Possibly the lemon cake maker crossed Dick Portillo and is sleeping with the fish sandwiches,” he wrote. “I've been searching for a substitute ever since.”

    BigBen2010 announced he would pay any one who could provide a recipe or a replica of the fabled cake—and an extra $30 if someone could explain why it was removed from the menu.

    A petition was even started to demand the return of the lemon cake (with more than 150 supporters).

    Finally, Portillo’s responded, he said.

    “Portillo’s will make your dream come true,” the company reportedly responded. “We will make you a lemon cake and tell you how to make your own in the future. Your passion for this cake is quite inspiring.”

    The cake was free of charge so BigBen2010 says he donated the $330 bounty to The American Red Cross, one of Portillo’s charity partners.

    Now he can have his cake and eat it too.

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