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Recipe for Disaster: DUI Cops Find Heroin Helpings

Drug hub pulls into sobriety checkpoint



    Recipe for Disaster: DUI Cops Find Heroin Helpings
    With the amount of drugs found in his car, this driver had to be on one heck of a trip.

    "Smoking a bowl" is a common phrase among hippie types.  "Snorting a plate," is something new all-together.

    But one motorist who liked to snack while driving got into big trouble when his lunch turned out to be a pile of heroin.

    On November 7, Ty Brock, 26, drove his blue 1994 Mercury into a sobriety checkpoint along Ripley Street in Lake Station, Indiana. According to a Cedar Lake officer at the scene, Brock was shaking nervously, and no amount of air freshener could cover up the "overwhelming" marijuana scent from the car.

    Over on the passenger side, a St. John officer examined the inside of the car with a flashlight. He spotted a dinner plate on the floorboard, but there was no wholesome meal there. Just a razor blade, a plastic straw, and a dusting of heroin, according to the report.

    Brock, knowing he was busted, reached out to try to flip the plate over, said one of the officers. The Cedar Lake cop grabbed him and ordered him out of the car.

    But Brock's problems didn't end there.

    Once out of the car, Brock reached for his ankle, to which a gun was strapped, says an officer.

    Brock refused to comply with police when ordered to put his hands up, so three cops wrestled the snort-and-spin to the ground and found a .32-caliber Beretta in Brock's ankle holster.

    The police searched his car, finding what was essentially a mobile pharmacy. The report says the officers found another handgun, heroin, several containers of marijuana, an assortment of prescription pills, a pipe, a measuring spoon, and a digital scale. Police even found pills hidden in Brock's key ring.

    Brock is being held in Lake County Jail until his hearing in federal court Thursday.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.