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Naperville Women Settle Suit Against Cop Reality Show

Channel faces multiple suits surrounding the show



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    Two Naperville sisters agreed to settle their lawsuits against A&E’s Biography Channel for an undisclosed amount.

    Back in October, Chelsea Frederick and Ferrara Daum’s were shown on an episode of the reality show “Female Forces” in their pajamas. But they say they never agreed to be filmed, according to the Chicago Tribune.  

    Federick claimed the police officer who showed up at her door could have arrested her in a normal way, but instead a female police officer was called in and a film crew was alerted. Cops say the arrest was valid.

    The production company, The Grief Co, was hit with multiple, similar lawsuits surrounding the show. One man says he was shown on the air without signing a release and a woman said she was forced to submit to a field sobriety test for the benefit of the cameras despite there being no indication she was drunk.

    The city of Naperville did not have to pay any part of the settlement.