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Rambo Busts Opium Shipment at O'Hare



    Rambo Busts Opium Shipment at O'Hare
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    A dog named Rambo busted up an opium shipment from Laos.

    Rambo has a nose for drugs.

    That's the name of the drug-sniffing dog that uncovered more than 10 pounds of opium-saturated wood chips and leaves in a package at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection says the parcel was found this week at the airport's foreign mail facility.

    The wood chips and leaves were found in 29 plastic bags. Officers say they tested positive for opiates.

    The parcel was shipped from Laos and headed to a residence in St. Paul, Minn. It was marked "Lao Traditional Medicines."

    The border protection agency says that since September, officers at the foreign mail facility have made more than 60 opium seizures weighing a total of 300 pounds.

    The opium has been found in bars of soap, in twigs and leaves and in bottles of lotion.