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Quinn Signs Bill to Move Primary Date

Plus: White House reportedly wants Claypool for Lt. Governor



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    Now that Pat Quinn has won the ridiculously early primary for governor, he’s signed legislation to push voting back to a more reasonable time frame -- in March.

    Talk about Chicago politics.   

    The primary was originally moved up so that voters could help hometown wunderkind Barack Obama win Super Tuesday back in February 2008.

    The primary remained anchored in February for the next go-around and may have benefitted Quinn. (Who knows if Dan Hynes would have been able to best Quinn if he had more time to run witty, damaging ads?)

    Critics also claim the February primary was too close to the holidays and didn't provide enough time for voters to get to know the candidates. Those same critics also blame the early primary for leaving the state with Scott Lee Cohen as the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor.

    He dropped out, and the position is yet to be filled.

    On that note, Quinn may be dealing with more primary fallout today.

    The Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed reports that the White House is pressuring the governor to push for Forrest Claypool as his choice for Lieutenant Governor.

    Illinois Democrats will ultimately choose Quinn’s running mate, because Cohen bowed out of the race, but Quinn said he believes they will choose whomever he selects.

    According to Sneed, that’s the former Cook County Commissioner Claypool.

    Claypool has history with both Quinn and the White House. Claypool was Quinn’s deputy when he was the state treasurer.

    The same guy was also mentioned as Rahm Emanuel’s top choice to keep his congressional seat warm while he served as White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel allegedly wanted former Governor Rod Blagojevich to appoint him, but it never worked out.