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Quinn Makes Fake Weed Illegal

Bill goes into effect in January



    Quinn Makes Fake Weed Illegal

    Governor Pat Quinn officially banned a  type of synthetic marijuana known as “K2” “spice” or “pot pourri” Tuesday.

    The ban goes into effect in January. Legislation was sparked by safety concerns. The drug is unregulated and hasn’t been tested, and emergency room doctors have been seeing increased traffic due to the drug.

    Most Chicagoans seem to support the criminalization of K2, Spice, and other forms of synthetic marijuana.  

    "Until the long-term effects of it are known, I do feel it's appropriate for the government to step in," said resident Lana Silverman.

    Sheldon Miller, who owns Adam's Apple on the Northwest Side, has never sold synthetic marijuana and welcomes the new law. He says he's hoping it'll put an end to the constant phone calls and visits he gets from suppliers wanting him to sell the products.

    The drug's inventor, Clemson University scientist John Huffman has pushed for its ban because of the dangers it represents.