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Quinn Lobbies for More Broadband

Also discusses Lt. Governor search



    Quinn Lobbies for More Broadband
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    Pat Quinn (D) is running for Governor of Illinois: The current governor took over Blagojevich's seat in January. | Read Full Profile

    Type Pat Quinn into Google and more than a million hits come back.

    It takes just .51 seconds to return blog posts, news stories and web sites relating to the governor.

    As far as Quinn's concerned, that's not nearly fast enough. Quinn wants more and faster Internets in Illinois in order to spur economic development.

    “Broadband technology is a key to improving employment, health care, public safety and education opportunities in our state,” Quinn said at a press conference touting Illinois' broadband efforts. “So far we have helped win more than $60 million dollars in federal aid for Illinois broadband technology projects, and through our capital program and the support of state agencies, we will keep pushing.”

    Speaking of pushing, the governor addressed coming selection of a Lt. Governor candidate to serve as his runnning mate for the November general election and said he expects to have a voice when the party chooses the finalist on March 27.

    "This person is going to be my running mate," he said.

    The Illinois Democratic party recently whittled a list of candidates down to 17 select candidates. The list includes Art Turner, Raja Krishnamoorthi and Susan Garrett. Quinn, who isn't polling well with women, is said to favor Garrett.