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Catchers in the Dye

Students at Evergreen High School banned from dying hair unnatural colors



    Catchers in the Dye
    Keep in natural and Evergreen Park High School will keep you enrolled.

    As if teenagers weren't angst-ridden enough already.

    Now a Chicago area high school will begin prohibiting their students from dying their hair.

    “Hair color outside the natural range will be prohibitied,” Principal Bill Sanderson told the Southtown Star. “This is something we’re going to implement slowly and not hammer on Day 1.”

    Any natural colors – blondes, brunettes and subtle reds – will be permitted. It’s the more lurid pallet of colors found on the rainbow that will wreak havoc in the halls of Evergreen.

    “What we don’t want are the pinks and greens and blues,” Sanderson said.

    And the reasoning is simple. Amid a sea of raging hormones, short skirts and sexy cell phone habits, an unnatural head of hair is just one more thing to distract students from actually learning.

    "This did come from the students," Sanderson said of the initiative. "They felt it was a disruption."

    Plus Evergreen Park High School wants their students to be prepared for life after high school.

    Do they mean like college? Because we all know nothing crazy or out of the ordinary is seen on college campuses.

    Especially not things like – gasp! – pink hair, or previously prohibited jewelry like nose studs and other body piercings besides the ear.

    "We're here to learn. We're trying to get kids ready for the real world," Sanderson said.