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Psychics Accused of Vanishing with "Cursed Money"

Police say the mother-daughter team frightened victim with tragic predictions



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    A mother-daughter psychic could be having visions of prison time.

    The duo is accused of pulling some hocus-pocus with a client's cash.

    An arrest warrant is issued for Laura Santini, 61, and her daughter, Rosann, 35, for allegedly conning a Park Ridge woman out of $62,000. 

    "They basically were able to convince the victim that some money she had gotten was cursed money and that somehow the curse had been transferred to other money that she had," said Chicago police detective Milorad Sofrenovic told the Chicago Tribune.

    The fortune tellers vanished into thin air more than a year ago.  A Cook County grand jury indicted them earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    In 2007, the victim saw one of many fliers littering the Far Northwest Side and nearby suburbs advertising healing for love, health and marital problems.

    She wasn't feeling all that happy, so the spell-binding offer lured her to the palm readers' house in the 8400 block of West Castleisland Avenue.

    The psychics encouraged the woman to admit she had recently received a windfall sum of money.  They quickly pounced, telling the woman that the cause of her strife came from that money, which was cursed.

    They offered to spiritually cleanse the cash and remove the curse at an Indiana shrine, Sofrenovic said.

    The woman agreed, but demanded they return the money over several months once it was clean. It wasn't until she saw a "for rent" sign in the psychics' window that she realized they tricked her.


    She could have looked into a crystal ball to see that.