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Protesters Demand New U. of C. Trauma Center

Protesters say the lack of a trauma center hurt Damian Turner's chances to survive last year



    Tent City Protest at U of C's Medical Center

    Dozens held a protest outside of University of Chicago's Medical Center demanding for a trauma-care facility to open. (Published Monday, Aug. 15, 2011)

    Dozens of people held a protest Monday morning in front of the University of Chicago Medical Center, demanding the center open a trauma-care facility.

    The group held an early vigil to remember Damian Turner, who died a year ago after being shot about four blocks from the Medical Center.

    Despite Turner's close proximity, he was taken to another hospital with a trauma center 10 miles away, according to the Chicago Tribune. Turner's family and friends say the distance hurt his chances to survive.

    U. of C. Medical Center closed its trauma center for adults in 1988, but it still provides trauma care for children, according to the Tribune.

    U. of C. says re-opening a trauma center would drain resources from other vital programs.