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Sheriff's Plans to Torch Pot Burns Activists

Cook Co. sheriff's office seeking a court order to incinerate drugs



    Sheriff's Plans to Torch Pot Burns Activists

    Not everyone is high on the idea of burning 5,500 pounds of seized pot.

    "Incinerating it is a waste," said Lisa Lange, who smokes marijuana to ease her degenerative osteoarthritis symptoms the Sun-Times reports.

    Authorities found 5,525 pounds of cannabis in a house on 47th West Street in southwest suburban Lyons last Wednesday. The drug stash has a street value of $20 million. The tenant, Frederico Moreno, 35, faces drug charges, the Sun-Times reports.

    The Cook County Sheriff's Department will ask for a court order Monday to burn the marijuana, except 10,000 grams needed for evidence in Moreno's trial.

    But medical marijuana supporters consider it unthoughtful.

    "I would prefer to see it tested and then, if safe, distributed to compassionate care clubs," Lange said.

    Bill 1381, which would allow patients to grow three marijuana plants at home, could help douse the fiery medical marijuana debate in Illinois.

    The Senate passed the bill. Yet, it's still simmering in the House. Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, told the Sun-Times he's two votes short of passing the bill and sending it to the governor's desk.  Lang said he expects a vote in January once the November elections are behind them.

    Until then, medical marijuana supporters will continue to burn.