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Police Question Inmate About Officer's Murder

The inmate went to a Downstate prison three months after Bailey's death



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    Chicago police are questioning an inmate about Chicago Police Officer Michael Bailey’s murder almost one year ago. 

    Last September, the inmate arrived at a Downstate prison. It happened after his arrest on weapon charges and vehicular carjacking. The man was also on parole for a 2009 aggravated battery conviction and 2008 drug conviction, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The label of suspect has not been placed on the man, according to the paper.

    A gunman shot Bailey in front of his Park Manor home in the 7400 block of South Evans on the morning of July 18th. The 20-year-veteran just finished his shift protecting then-Mayor Daley’s house. Bailey, who was still in his uniform, cleaned his new Buick outside his home. Police said someone tried to steal Bailey’s new car or rob him before gunfire erupted between the officer and his killer.

    The 62-year-old man was just one month away from retiring from the police department.