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Dogs Left to Babysit Infant: Police

24-year-old charged with child endangerment



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    A Chicago woman is charged with leaving her infant with two dogs in a running vehicle in a suburban parking lot.

    She allegedly left her 39-day-old son unattended in her unlocked car, with the engine running, outside a Deerfield pharmacy for 20 minutes -- with only two dogs as baby-sitters.

    Now Elizabeth Manion, 24, of Chicago’s River West neighborhood is facing a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment in the June 7 incident, Deerfield Police said.

    Police were called to the Deerfield Walgreens about 6:45 p.m. after a passerby became concerned that the infant -- strapped into a car seat -- was alone in the parked Ford Escort, according to police reports.

    Manion returned to the car as police arrived -- and allegedly told officers her mother was supposed to be in the car babysitting the infant while she was inside the store to pick up a prescription.

    Police checked several stores but didn’t find Manion’s mother. Officers later called her -- and determined she had not been with Manion that evening.

    Officers also reviewed images from a store security camera, which showed Manion had been in the store for 20 minutes, according to police reports. She also hadn’t picked up any prescriptions, according to the reports.

    She was arrested later that night at her mother’s north suburban home.

    Deerfield police declined to comment on the charge.

    Manion, of North Green Avenue, has a July 22 court date. She faces a maximum one-year jail term if convicted. She could not be reached for comment.