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Police Investigate Sexting At Suburban Middle School



    Multiple 6th grade students involved in texting lewd photos. Police confiscate phones. Natalie Martinez reports. (Published Thursday, April 10, 2014)

    For the second time this week, a suburban middle school is dealing with a sexting scandal among its students.

    On Monday, administrators at Hadley Middle School in Will County were notified that multiple 6th grade students were involved in texting lewd photos, otherwise known as sexting.

    The Will County Sheriff's Department was notified and confiscatd the phones of a small number of students.

    Parents say it's something they talk to their kids about all the time.

    "I tell the, you just have to watch yourself and be aware that every move you make, everybody is watching," parent Dave Schwenn said.

    "As a middle school teacher, there are things out there that these kids are getting involved in, and it's sad," Robin Schwenn said. "We have internet awareness, we have police officers come and they talk about internet and how to properly use it, and sexting goes along with it."

    Social workers and counselors will be at the school on Friday to talk to the 6th-graders about appropriate uses of technology and the implications of using it wrongly.

    Several students at northwest suburban Barrington Middle School could face criminal charges after they were found texting racy photos on their cell phones Monday.