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Police Bagged Purse Thieves Who Gave Real Names

Men allegedly stole over $2500 in purses



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    Two alleged criminals made the cops' jobs very easy. They led police right to their own front doors.

    Officials arrested Willie Traylor, 26, and James Jones, 35, on Monday on charges of retail theft, according to the Southtown Star.

    On March 18, Traylor and Jones stole over $2,500 worth of purses from a Marshall's store in Lincoln Park, police said.

    That's a lot of baggage.

    The two men then attempted to return the stolen merchandise to the store in the hopes of receiving cash or a store-credit refund, reports the Southtown Star.

    While processing the men's refund request, authorities say store employees asked for their names and addresses. Traylor and Jones each willingly identified themselves and their places of residence, officials said.

    Police later used the volunteered information to trace the alleged thieves.

    If only tracking all criminals were always so easy!

    The accused shoplifters, who lived in the 11300 block of South Avenue H, were arrested Monday morning. They are scheduled to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on April 12, the Southtown Star reports.

    It looks like they were both left holding the bag.

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