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No, The Polar Vortex Is Not Returning to Chicago



    The term "polar votex" returned to our collective vocabularies this week. What does it mean in July? NBC 5 Storm Team meteorologist Pete Sack explains. (Published Friday, July 11, 2014)

    Cooler temperatures will return to Chicago next week, but, despite what you may have heard, meteorologists aren't calling it a return of the polar vortex.

    Forecasters believe a cold front emerge next week from the north that could send temperatures dipping across the midwest. Chicago could experience unseasonably low temperatures according to predictions. 

    Smart weather person Larry Cosgrove explains it like this on his Facebook page(h/t to Washington Post): Digging of the disturbance and its (admittedly impressive) cold pool will result in a very unseasonable (but NOT wintry and above the 534dcm benchmark) 547dcm low at 500MB over Ontario on Tuesday. 850MB temperatures will NOT get below 0 C, so on TWO counts we fail to reach the standard for calling such an upper low a vortex. Yes, it will be even cooler than what was seen in MI and WI this morning, but nothing worse than what you would feel in a morning in October.

    Here's what we can actually expect: highs may be in the lower 70s and lows could drop to 40 degrees in the suburbs Tuesday and Wednesday.Temperatures in downtown Chicago could reach the low 50s.

    We're not talking scarves and wool caps here, but a sweatshirt could make for a good apparel choice. 

    The city could have record low temperatures for July, but the forecast could change, according to the National Weather Service.