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Evanston School's Playoff Games Canceled After Sexting Scandal

Varsity baseball playoff games canceled following sexting incident at Evanston Township High School



    Evanston School's Playoff Games Canceled After Sexting Scandal

    The playoffs are off for one suburban high school after a recent sexting scandal.

    The Evanston Township High School superintendent on Thursday informed parents that several girls had sent inappropriate pictures of themselves to members of the boys varsity baseball team and some of the boys circulated the photos to other students.

    School administrators say they investigated the incident and took action accordingly.

    A coach at the school confirmed the team won't play in its playoff games and will forfeit its game versus Taft High School.

    In a letter posted to the school's website, the superintendent warned that the incident isn't an isolated one and asked parents to educate themselves and their kids about sexting.

    "Talk about the pressures to send revealing photos and discuss the importance of self-respect and respect for others," the letter reads.

    "As you talk with your teen about sexting, remind her/him that once something is in the digital world, it never really goes away. Photos can remain online indefinitely."

    The incident was the the big topic among students at the school Friday.

    "They are all just sad and pretty torn up about it," ETHS student Harry Runzel said.

    "Those pictures really shouldn't have been sent in the first place because in this day and age what do you expect is gonna happen," another student, David Daniel, said.

    Evanston Police and the Department of Children and Family Services were consulted but chose not to get involved.