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Playboy Model Let Off the DUI Hook

Judge rules in Miss May's favor despite alleged confession



    Playboy Model Let Off the DUI Hook
    No wonder the judge let her off.

    A woman drove through a red light and was pulled over by police. She admitted that she had been drinking. Police arrested her on a DUI charge.

    An open-and-shut case, right?

    Not according to one Cook County judge.

    Judge Thomas V. Lyons let Playboy's Miss May, Crystal McCahill, off the hook, saying police had insufficient evidence at the time of her arrest.

    On January 7, the 5-foot-7-inch Playboy model drove her 2005 Volkswagen Passat through a red light on the Near North Side, according to police. An officer pulled her over, where McCahill reportedly admitted, "I had three shots at Climax nightclub, where I work." Police say she "mumbled" and had a "strong odor" of alcohol on her breath.

    Michael J. Monaco, Miss May 2009's attorney, didn't dispute any of that in court Tuesday.

    However, according to Monaco, McCahill willingly went to the District 13 station with the officer only because she thought she was under arrest. But Monaco says the officer couldn't have arrested her yet because there had not been a field-sobriety test. Those tests weren't performed until after McCahill arrived at the station.

    As a result, Monaco says the case against McCahill is "severely undermined," according to the Sun-Times.

    McCahill is due back in court next month. Prosecutors can still appeal the judge's ruling.

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