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Pit Bull Runs onto CTA Bus, Startles Passengers

Dog reunited with owner



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    A dog described as a pit bull caused a brief ruckus when it ran onto a CTA bus Sunday morning on the South Side.

    The incident occurred about 11:45 a.m. in the 5900 block of South State Street, according to Wentworth District police lieutenant.

    Several people who described the dog as a pit bull called 911 after the dog entered the bus, according to the lieutenant. Police responded to the scene and the passengers disembarked.

    Police initially thought someone abandoned the animal on the bus, and it was placed in the back seat of a squad car while they called the city’s Dept. of Animal Care & Control, according to the lieutenant.

    But a short time later, the animal's owner came to the scene and police released the dog to that person, according to the lieutenant.

    An officer with Animal Care & Control said while their personnel were en route to the scene, they were told they were no longer needed.

    The bus continued on its way and no one was hurt.