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Phony $100 Bill Featured Honest Abe

Police say a Chicago man's milkshake craving led to arrest



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    Police say a Trenton, N.J., teen sold her 7-year-old sister to as many as seven men and boys at a party.

    A failed forgery suspect should have studied his presidents.

    Raymond Barnett, 49, is charged with trying to spend a fake $100 bill at a Culver's restaurant in Huntley on Illinois Highway 47 Friday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The Chicago man, who craved dairy delights, ordered two milkshakes and handed over the phony dough. But a careful cashier immediately noticed something odd. Instead of Benjamin Franklin staring back, it was President Abraham Lincoln, according to the police report. 

    "It was pretty easy to pick out," said Deputy Chief Todd Fulton.

    The fake $100 bill was likely altered from a $5 bill, he said.

    Police said when Barnett got a whiff the jig was up, he walked out and drove off. Employees dialed 911. Officers nabbed him.

    All forger-wannabes should learn whose face belong on what bills before trying to pull a fast one.