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Philly-Bound Plane Receives Bomb Threat

113 passengers were on board



    A flight attendant finds a hand-written bomb threat on a bathroom wall of a plane headed to Philadelphia International Airport. (Published Monday, May 3, 2010)

    Officials say a United Airlines flight from Chicago O’Hare headed to Philadelphia International airport landed after receiving a bomb threat.

    The crew found a hand-written bomb threat on a bathroom wall on the plane during the flight and notified authorities.

    "A flight attendant observed writing on a wall in a rear lavatory that stated 'Bomb on, will die'," Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan said.

    United Flight 148 made a safe landing at a secure area of the airport around 7:00p.m. Saturday night. The plane is an Airbus A-320 with 113 passengers and 5 crew members.

    Philadelphia police, FBI and TSA officials surrounded the plane. Passengers were then boarded on a bus and taken to a secure location to talk to investigators. The flight crew was taken to a separate location for questioning, according to investigators.

    Family members of passengers waited several hours to see their loved ones.

    Investigators scanned and searched luggage aboard the plane. So far no suspicious devices or packages were located.

    Airport operations are normal, according to officials.