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Testimony: Do You Love Me Enough to Kill for Me?

Morphey always assumed that Peterson killed Savio, he said.



    Testimony: Do You Love Me Enough to Kill for Me?
    Will Co. Sheriff's Department
    Drew Peterson is being held in the Will County Adult Detention Facility in Joliet.

    Prosecutors in the Drew Peterson pre-trial hearsay hearing called today on Peterson's step brother to testify about the former Bolingbrook cop's murderous nature.

    Thomas Morphey told the court that Drew asked him to kill his fourth wife Stacy Peterson, but that he declined.

    "How much do you love me?," Morphey said Drew asked. " ... enough to kill for me?"

    Morphey has gone on record before saying that helped Peterson carry a blue barrel from Petersons bedroom that contained the body of Stacy Peterson about a week after Drew asked Morphey to murder her. He admitted that he suffers from manic depression, and says he was so shaken by the incident, he tried to kill himself with a bottle of anti-depressant pills.

    Morphey also listened as States Attorney Jim Glasgow played a wiretap of a phone conversation he had with Drew Peterson during which Peterson tells him not to talk to anybody.

    "If the police want to talk to you," Peterson said on the tape. "tell them you want a lawyer."

    Morphey has been granted immunity by state's attorneys.

    Peterson is not on trial for Stacy Peterson's death, but under the terms of the hearsay law, speculative testimony counts. Morphey said that he always assumed Peterson killed his third wife Savio.

    Savio's death was ruled a homicide after Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, disappeared in 2007. Peterson hasn't been charged in the Stacy Peterson dissappearance, but he is the lead suspect, cops say.