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Judge to Pet Abuser: "On a Very Short Leash"

Judge puts woman on 'short leash'



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    Jenell Land of Schaumburg says she loved her dog.

    Loved it to death, it seems.

    The 33-year-old woman was found guilty in October of aggravated cruelty to an animal, after her pit bull died of neglect and infected wounds.

    In late 2008, Land took her dog to a local veterinarian because of the wounds festering on its neck. The infection was found to be the result of a heavy towing chain, wrapped so tightly around the dog's neck that it had grown into the animal's flesh.

    The dog had to be euthanized in order to remove the chain. The veterinarian called police.

    At today's sentencing hearing however, Land insists she cared for the pit bull very much.

    "I loved the dog," she said, according to Breaking News. "I never intentionally hurt the dog."

    But prosecutors say the evidence is clear. The animal had been neglected for weeks.

    Illinois law states that aggravated cruelty carries a felony status, and Land could have received up to three years in prison. However, because of Land's three small children, Judge Thomas Fecarotta Jr. ordered Land to 30 months probation, including random drug and alcohol testing.

    Land will also face a psychiatric evaluation, a substance-abuse evaluation, community service, a curfew, and a pet ban.

    "No pun intended here, but I intend to keep you on a very, very short leash," the judge told her.

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