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Savio Was Murdered: Pathologist

Doctor says Savio’s death far from accidental



    Savio Was Murdered: Pathologist
    Drew Peterson and his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in happier times.

    A state-hired pathologist testified Friday that the death of Drew Peterson’s ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, was no accident, it was homicide.

    Dr. Larry Blum performed an autopsy on Savio’s body back in 2007. Her body was exhumed after the disappearance of Peterson’s fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

    Savio’s body was found in a dry tub back in 2004.

    Blum said the position of Savio’s body in the tub –facedown with both feet pressed hard against the tub wall, her toes hyperextended –made it “highly, highly unlikely” she drowned, reported the Chicago Tribune

    Blum reviewed 43 cases of bathtub fatalities in Illinois and said Savio’s position wasn’t consistent with a typical fall in the tub.

    “There was no blood, hair or tissue on the tub,” Blum said according to the Sun-Times. He described the murder scene as “pristine” with little blood and no splashed water around the tub making it hard to identify if the scene was staged.

    On Thursday, an Illinois State Police trooper involved in Savio’s investigation testified he suspected homicide as well. Many others have testified including Savio’s sister Anna Doman who said her sister knew she was going to die.

    Peterson, a 56-year-old former Bolingbrook police officer, pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the death of his third wife, Savio.