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Palin Means Big Buck$

$25,000 gets donors a picture and a conversation



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    Democrats have launched a "Palin Primary" website to track "divisive" House races.

    Conservative superstar Sarah Palin will lend some of her 'you betcha' charisma to a group of Illinois Republicans who think they have a shot at winning a few seats in the traditionally Democratic state.

    The Illinois Republican Party says the former vice presidential nominee will headline a party fundraiser May 12 in Rosemont, and her visit should mean big bucks for the party.

    Donors who spent or raised $25,000 will earn a place at a private round table at the Westing O'Hare. $10,000 gets a photo and a seat at a VIP reception and $500 per person or $750 per couple earns a spot in  the general reception.

    The money Palin brings in will certainly help Republican Congressman Mark Kirk, who is locked in a tight race for President Barack Obama's old Senate seat against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias, and state Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington who is challenging Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn.

    Palin's visit will be her second to Illinois in about a month.

    She spoke to a crowd of about 1,100 people earlier this month at event in central Illinois to raise money for scholarships and a community center.