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Pagano's Final Love Letter to Metra

Pagano's suicide note expresses his apologies



    Pagano's Final Love Letter to Metra
    Chicago Sun-Times
    Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano

    With his last written words, former Metra Executive Director Phil Pagano expressed his loyalty to the company he worked at for 20 years.

    “With the exception of this one mistake I have always done things the honest and right way,” according to Pagano's suicide letter, which was included in a police report that was obtained by the Chicago Tribune. “I love Metra. I gave it my all – my heart and soul.”

    Officials discovered last month that Pagano had taken nearly half a million dollars in improper vacation pay and bonuses -- right under the noses of his supervisors. Senator Dick Durbin called for an investigation.

    A Metra board was just hours away from deciding Pagano’s professional future when Pagano decided his fate himself by stepping in front of an oncoming Metra train.

    Pagano’s note also contained an apology directed towards Metra Chairwoman Carole Doris and other Metra board members.

    “I am deeply sorry for all that I have put you through,” Pagano wrote. “Now there is nothing left for me to lie about.”

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