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PETA Ups the Stakes on McCruelty Campaign

Using guerilla tactics to protect chickens



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    A worker was hit with the butt of a gun before the gunmen fled the scene.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of animals is using guerilla tactics against McDonalds.

    For the second phase of its McCruelty campaign, the lefty organization has taken to hunting down executives at different corporate events and haranguing them over their company’s treatment of chickens, Crain’s reports.

    PETA last week crashed a franchisee meeting in Arizona and earlier this year a PETA member grabbed the mic during an awards presentation for CEO Jim Skinner and accused him of being heartless – she was arrested after being dragged off stage.

    Legal action doesn’t deter PETA, and they say this kind of party crashing will continue.

    “This seems to get under their skin much more than the protests,” Dan Matthews, PETA’s senior VP of campaigns told Crain’s. “We want to make them squirm, so at corporate functions they are not able to walk up to the podium without having to look over their shoulders wondering if a Peta person is there.”

    Matthews is the guy who sneaked into the Arizona franchisee meeting and started yelling about chicken slaughter.

    This tactic is much more personal than the group's years-long McCruelty campaign with included mostly protests outside of various McDonald's restaurants and tapped into celebrity rabblerousers like Andy Dick to move their message. It aims to humiliate the people at the top of the corporation.

    Oak Brook-based McDonalds disagrees with the PETA assertion that their chicken slaughter practices are inhumane.

    “McDonald’s works with leading animal welfare experts and makes decisions based upon science to promote continuous improvement in animal welfare as part of our broader sustainable supply chain initiatives,” the company says in a statement.