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Ozzie Strikes Out on Web Site Idea

The Oz must play by team rules



    Ozzie Strikes Out on Web Site Idea
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    Can you believe what he just said?

    The Oz won't get his his wish for a new online home. 

    White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen proposed launching his own website to the team's front office, but the higher-ups hit the delete key on that idea, the Sun-Times reports.

    "I thought it was a great idea, but in the meanwhile, I have to go by their rules," Guillen said. "The White Sox' rules are they want me to stay away from a lot of things, and I respect that."

    Guillen communicates with fans on his Facebook and Twitter accounts already, even though management isn't jazzed about those ideas.

    Recently, he drew the wrath of general manager Kenny Williams when he tweeted about spring training, including his boredom there in Glendale, AZ. Williams reigned in what Guillen could say in 140 characters or less.

    Now the GM is putting the kibosh on any other social media talk.

    "Don't ask me another question about Twitter, websites, Blog, Radio shows, non [sic} of that s-," Williams texted to the Sun-Times. "All I care about is players playing, coaches coaching and managers managing. If they do that and do it well, we got no problems."

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    Guillen wanted to give an insider look into the world of Major League Baseball.

    But the Sox skipper is cool with toeing the company sideline.

    "Maybe because I'm so outspoken," Guillen said.  "I don't need a Web site, I don't need Twitter, I don't need Facebook to let fans know how I feel about my ballclub. I'm very open with the fans."

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    That's exactly why the team's so afraid of what Ozzie may tweet or post.

    Meanwhile, plans for Ozzie's to participate in a MLB Network reality show are still on.