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McHenry Vandal Smash

Windows of the cars were broken and smashed



    McHenry Vandal Smash

    McHenry police are trying to get a clear view of the vandals who smashed more than 130 vehicle windows Wednesday night.

    Residents from multiple McHenry communities woke up this morning to find the glass windows of their cars smashed and shattered, right in their driveways.

    "We received 124 calls but some reported multiple cars," McHenry Deputy Police Chief Robert Lumber said. "I'd estimate it's about 140 cars, but we're still unsure."

    Police are investigating the incidents, which all took place in a single night, and offering a $1,000 reward through Crimestoppers for any information leading to an arrest.

    Lumber said police have no motive for the crime, but the vehicles appear to have been selected at random. All of them were parked in driveways.

    "It kind of takes away from that feeling that you're safe," said victim Anja Hertel.  "It was frustrating because I usually have my car in the garage."

    Just one victim reported having items stolen from inside their vehicles, but that report is inconsistent with the rest of the complaints, Lumber said.

    The shattered glass, however, caused a heinous mess.

    "The phone started ringing at 7 a.m. and did not stop," said the owner of Glass Barn, Glenn Nelson. "We're still backed up today and probably tomorrow too, and we're still getting calls today."

    Nelson has been fixing glass for 39 years and speculates that the glass was damaged by a pellet gun. He mentioned a conversation with a customer who shared his opinion.

    "One customer who I spoke with over the phone said it looked like they [the suspects] must have took a shot and missed the first time because there was a dent in the bumper," said Nelson.

    Police are still investigating and have not confirmed any particular method used to break the glass.

    The car vandalism comes only days after gravestones in a McHenry cemetery were vandalized. According to a report from the Northwest Hearld, police say there is no connection between the two incidents.