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Oprah's Moment of Zen

Diabetes to chocolate set in 20 days



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    "Behind the Scenes: Oprah's 25th Season" sounds exciting.

    The comedic savants at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show noticed a confusing message emanating from Chicago’s Harpo Studios this month.

    Namely, Oprah Winfrey isn’t great at selling her anti-diabetes mission.

    During Wednesday night’s “Moment of Zen” segment, the show’s producers cut together some footage from Oprah’s February 4 and February 22 shows.

    On the fourth she spoke about a serious disease that’s afflicting our nation.

    “Diabetes,” she said into the camera. “It’s a ticking time bomb.”

    But no less than three weeks later Oprah spoke to her audience about a different problem. Someone had replaced her set with one made entirely of Godiva chocolate.

    From diabetes to gorging on Godiva in fewer than 20 days. Not bad, Oprah.  

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