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Oprah Ends Her Charity

The charity collected more than $80 million in donations



    Oprah Ends Her Charity

    Oprah Winfrey is clipping the wings of her Angel Network.

    The charity, which claims to help people live their best lives, stopped accepting donations this week.  According to its Web site, the Angel Network will dissolve once the remaining money is disbursed.

    The move coincides with the media mogul's plans to end her talk show in 2011 after 25 years on-air and focus on her cable network, OWN, said Angela DePaul, Angel Network spokesperson.

    In 1998, Winfrey launched the Angel Network with the help of her viewers. Almost 150,000 donors gave more than $80 million. The Web site thanked donors for "making philanthrophy a priority in your lives and reaching beyond yourself to help those less fortunate."

    The network most notably pumped money into rebuilding the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina and built 55 rural schools in a dozen countries.

    The Angel Network's Web site will remain active and will direct donors to other charitable organizations,  DePaul said.

    Winfrey is expected to roll out her cable network next January and plans to highlight charitable organizations in the future.

    That's comforting because the world still needs Oprah, who made giving to others a showstopping event.

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