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Oprah and Michelle's Olympic Reunion?

Two influential Chicago women are better than one



    Oprah and Michelle's Olympic Reunion?
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    Oprah and Michelle may swing the Olympics to Chicago.

    Like the Wonder Twins of the Olympiad, the First Lady and the Queen of Daytime TV may soon bump power rings to take the form of an invincible Olympic support team.

    For several months, Chicago has been pulling out all the big names, past and present, who "back the bid." Quentin Tarantino, Mike Ditka, Conan O'Brien, Olympians Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps, and U2's Bono have all publicly declared their support for the city's attempt to be selected as the host city.

    But two of Chicago's most influential powerhouses may be on their way to Copenhagen next month, where the final selection will be announced.

    First Lady Michelle Obama has already announced her plans to go to Denmark for the Olympic vote on October 2. Hubby Barack has "officially" stated that he may not be able to go because he's got a little bit of health-care reform on his plate.

    Today, Oprah Winfrey has said that she too is open to the idea of going to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago to the International Olympic Committee.

    "There's some talk about it, and if I feel I can be useful there, then that's what I will do," Winfrey told the Trib on Sunday.

    Of course, Chicago 2016 Chief Executive Patrick Ryan said his team would "absolutely" like to have Winfrey on board.

    Well, duh. No one says 'No' to Oprah.

    Look out, Copenhagen. Considering Michelle's toned muscular arms and Oprah's ability to influence thousands, the IOC could find themselves bound by submission if these two superwomen decided to have a Girls' Night Out next month.

    Matt Bartosik, a "between blogs" blogger, for one, welcomes his new overlords.