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Oops: Jail Accidentally Releases Murder Suspect

Police say they'll file additional charges after their own mistake



    Oops: Jail Accidentally Releases Murder Suspect

    A man charged with murder and armed robbery is back in prison after being mistakenly released Friday, according to the Lake County, Ind., Sheriff's Department.

    Someone paid the bond for one inmate in the Lake County Jail at 5 p.m. Friday, but a correction officer released the wrong person.  Arthur Lewis, the man who got out, was being held on charges of murder, armed robbery and criminal confinement, according to charging documents. His bond had been set at $150,000.

    Four hours later, police contacted Lewis on a Gary phone number, and Lewis told police he knew he wasn't supposed to have been released and that he would have his sister bring him back to the jail.  He then called his sister, Montrice Lewis, and had her pick him up.  On their way to the jail, he called his girlfriend, Shelba Yosha of Indianapolis, and at one point asked her "where she was," according to the documents.

    When he got off the phone with her, he jumped out of the car at 25th Avenue and Broadway, Montrice Lewis told police.

    After his sister told police what happened, they had her call Yosha's phone number. A man whom Montrice Lewis identified as her brother answered, police said. Yosha took the phone back, and told Lewis' sister she had come to Gary because she heard Lewis had been released from jail. When she heard about the mistake, Yosha decided to drive back to Indianapolis and that the man in the car with her was a friend of hers, although she wouldn't name him, according to police.

    Lake County police contacted the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department with the description of Yosha's car. The Indianapolis police used the coordinates from Yosha's phone to find her and Lewis, and both were arrested.

    Additional charges are expected to be filed on Lewis, according to the sheriff's release.