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Online Lottery Tickets On Sale This Weekend

Buy lottery tickets from the comfort of home



    Online Lottery Tickets On Sale This Weekend
    Illinois is set to launch a pilot program on Sunday that will allow residents to purchase lottery tickets online.

    Those looking for an easier way to purchase lottery tickets in Illinois can look no further than their computer.

    Starting at 7 a.m. on Sunday, a pilot program will launch and allow purchasing tickets for Lotto or Mega Millions online.

    Illinois is the first state to offer lottery tickets for sale online and it opens the door for a potential $100 million windfall for the state.

    “Everybody’s looking at us. This is technologically groundbreaking, public policy groundbreaking, and will help make the lottery hopefully become a vibrant thing in the lives of Illinoisans again,” state Lottery Supt. Michael Jones told the Chicago Sun-Times.

    So far, Lotto and Mega Millions are the only two games being offered via the Internet, though legislation is pending in the Senate that would expand that menu to include Powerball, the high-stakes, long-odds, multi-state game known for nine-digit payouts.

    Not just anyone can buy tickets from the comfort of home. To wager, players have to live in Illinois, be at least 18 and have a credit card to pay for purchases.

    Currently the jackpot for Mega Millions is $356 million.