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Oklahoma Quake Jiggles Chicago

Powerful quake felt across at least 11 states



    Oklahoma Quake Jiggles Chicago
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    A strong quake in Oklahoma was felt across at least 11 states Saturday night.

    A powerful earthquake that struck in central Oklahoma overnight was felt here in Chicago, and even as far away as Milwaukee and Madison.

    The 5.6 magnitude quake buckled a highway, cracked buildings and collapsed a chimney in Oklahoma late Saturday.

    The day had been marked by smaller quakes but the last temblor was so strong it rattled a packed college football stadium 50 miles away.  It could also be felt in Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Mississippi, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

    The Tribune reports more than 560 people in Illinois felt the quake.

    The quake was centered about 44 miles northeast of Oklahoma City, and may be the strongest in that state's history.

    So far, no major injuries or damage have been reported.

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