Obama’s New Neighbors Revealed, Sorta - NBC Chicago

Obama’s New Neighbors Revealed, Sorta

So much for trying to stay "private," Obama's new neighbors are revealed



    President Obama’s new Hyde Park neighbors at 5050 South Greenwood are no longer a big secret.

    Cook County property records posted online revealed the new homeowners as a Gold Coast plastic surgeon and his lawyer wife, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    "They want to be private," said a spokeswoman for the listing agent when the couple first purchased the house -- the Tribune did not name the new residents either. The plastic surgeon and his wife have not made themselves public or available for comments on their $1.4 million home purchase.

    The couple has big renovation plans for the three-story, 6,000 square-foot home and an addition, according to a source, reported the Chicago Tribune.

    The couple will reportedly spend at least $1 million to do renovations that may include installing an underground walkway between the home and carriage house at 51st and Greenwood.

    With all of the work being put into the house, the couple is not planning on moving in for another 18 months.

    The wife is registered in Illinois as an attorney for a Texas-based homebuilder and the couple has children who attend school on the South Side, reported the Tribune. 

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