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Oak Park Cabbies May Get Dress Code

No more jogging suits



    Oak Park Cabbies May Get Dress Code
    Oak Park Cabbies May Get Dress Code

    Pants on the ground, pants on the ground. Cabbies look like fools with their pants on the ground.

    That's the tune the Oak Park village board is singing as they consider a dress code for the city's taxi drivers.

    Presented to the board on Tuesday, an ordinance proposed that all cabs accept payment by credit card, along with a ban on smoking and a loose dress code, reports Trib Local.

    Village President David Pope supported the pitch, which could prohibit drivers from wearing tank tops, swimwear, or open-toed sandals.

    May we also suggest that both driver and passenger wear appropriately-sized clothing also? Shirts are made larger than Medium for a reason!

    Currently, taxi drivers must be "clean in dress and person," according to the vague regulation.

    However, trustee Collette Lueck felt that dress restrictions were "beyond the responsibility of the board," reports Trib Local.

    Some taxi companies have taken it upon themselves to apply clothing standards.

    The board will discuss the proposal again at a later date. Y'know, after they've freshened up and put on more slimming outfits.

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