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Notre Dame Athletics Investigated for Academic Fraud



    8/15/2014: Notre Dame president Father John Jenkins discusses the academic scandal involving football players at the schoo. (Published Friday, Aug. 15, 2014)

    Four Notre Dame starting football players will be held out of practice and competition while the university conducts an internal investigation into academic fraud, according to a statement from the university.

    In late June the Athletic Department received evidence that handful of players had submitted homework and papers that had been written for them by other students. Notre Dame officials said they immediately launched an investigation into the issue as a possible violation of their honor code. They also notified the NCAA of potential violations.

    The release said the investigation is ongoing.

    "At this juncture no one has been judged responsible for academic dishonesty, no one has been dismissed from the university, no have been sanctions imposed and no judgement has been made yet," university president Father John Jenkins said.

    The student athletes have been identified as wide receiver DaVaris Daniels, defensive back KeiVarae Russell, defensive lineman Ishaq Williams and linebacker Kendall Moore.

    Notre Dame officials said the players will remain enrolled in classes.

    If the investigation leads to information that the players were ineligible during previous years, Notre Dame said they would voluntarily vacate any victories from that span.

    "For every misstep we have hundreds of stories of young people who come here, who succeed and take full advantage of the opportunity," athletic director Jack Swarbrick said.

    The report of dismissal comes just one year after starting quarterback Everett Golson was suspended by the team for cheating on an test. Golson was allowed back to the university and is expected to start in the coming season.

    “The University is committed to thorough resolution of this matter, consistent with its commitment to academic integrity and adherence to NCAA rules," Jenkins said.