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'Not-Yo' Cheese Lands Man in Jail

A Chicago man was arrested after he bought a bag of chips from a 7-Eleven store and pumped nacho cheese into the bag



    'Not-Yo' Cheese Lands Man in Jail
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    While stealing nacho cheese may sound like the punchline to an old joke, a Chicago man learned Sunday it's actually no laughing matter.

    Michael Richards, 50, is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail on robbery charges. 

    Prosecutors say Richards bought a bag of potato chips from the 7-Eleven store on the 1300 block of South Halsted, then began pumping nacho cheese — which he had not paid for — into the bag. 

    When the store clerk told him the cheese was for customers who bought it as part of a nacho tray, he allegedly pulled the man’s arm behind his back and threatened him.  

    Police arrested Richards Saturday a block away from the store.   

    When Judge James Brown asked, “So what was stolen was the cheese?,” The Chicago Sun-Times reports Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Dan Piwowarczyk kept an admirably straight face as he replied, “The defendant was informed that it was 'not yo’ cheese.'”