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No Mulligan for Golf Cart Drunk Driver

Blood alcohol was nearly four times legal limit



    No Mulligan for Golf Cart Drunk Driver
    No do-over on this one.

    If you drink and drive, odds are, police will catch you at some point. Even if you're driving a golf cart.

    John P. O'Hara took his golf cart for a sping down a Gary, Ind., street and could have possibly gone unnoticed were it not for a truck that wanted to pass but was blocked. 

    Gary police Cpl. Gabrielle King said an officer flipped on his siren and followed the 23-year-old man and his three passengers, who reportedly tossed some red plastic cups from their cart before pulling over.

    The smell of alcohol and bloodshot eyes also caught the officer's attention. 

    O'Hara admitted to police he had a little to drink, "maybe a 12-pack."

    Turned out to be perhaps more than a little. He blew a .289 on a breathalyzer test, nearly four times the legal limit of .08 percent blood alcohol in Indiana. 

    Last week, a man in Belleville, Ill., was charged with a DUI, after police pulled him over on his lawnmower.